Contributions welcome!

Great news food lovers, Foodie Junky is now accepting guest contributions!

If you have an interesting story to contribute, contact us below and if your story is awesome, we will publish it!

Rules, rights and permissions

General rules and requirements

All individuals or organizations who post content (including but not limited to text, video, images, slideshows, audio files, etc.) on Foodie Junky are entirely responsible for the content they post.

The content must not break any national or international laws, not be offensive or abusive, and not inviting to any illegal activities.

We require all submitted content to be original, matching our site’s topics, relevant and useful or interesting.

Any content that we find to be a copy from another website will be immediately removed or modified.

The editors of Foodie Junky reserve the right to remove, edit, build upon or modify in any other way the content submitted by contributors without prior warning. If the content is heavily modified, the editors will add a note about this.


Any copyright issues with third parties are responsibility of the individuals or organizations that contribute content to this site.

Foodie Junky reserves the right to redistribute, use in promotional material and on third party media all the content contributed to the site. We will properly credit the author wherever possible.

Don’t spam!

We understand that the main goal of most contributors is to get attention for their product or service. Therefore, we allow you to place one link to your product/service in the content, and one in your signature. Other links that may add value to the article are allowed, but without abusing.

In case you wish to have more than one link in the post content, talk to us about a sponsored content partnership.

Let readers know who you are

We require each contributor to add their name, a link to their website or any social profile, a short bio (up to 300 characters), and an avatar (profile picture).

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