4 Biggest Food Trends In 2020 You Should Be Following Part 1

January 14, 2020


Unlike other trends, food trends are something that should be followed or at least tried. Let’s face it – you can go without the fashion “it” thing of the moment, but you can’t go without trying something delicious and healthy that’s setting the world on fire. Looks like 2020 is going to be a deliciously great year for all foodies around the world, especially when you consider these 4 major food trends that are hitting every plate near you!

Veggie Noodles

Forget about noodles! Not only are pastas of all types pretty much banned in most healthy diets, but they are also getting replaced.

Veggie noodles have been around for some time but they haven’t been fully welcomed by the mainstream. Well, that’s going to change this year.

These unusual noodles don’t just look great on a plate – they supercharge any meal with powerful nutrients as well.

The best veggies you can “spiralize” are the ones that are long or round, and have a harder texture, like sweet potatoes, zucchinis, beets, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli stems, butternut squash, kohlrabi, etc.

Cauliflower Steaks

This unexpected turn in the culinary world has amazed even the most skeptical meat-lovers everywhere. This crunchy but sweet vegetable is the perfect replacement for meat, according to many nutritionists and chefs alike.

Cauliflower offers numerous potent compounds that fight cancer and inflammation, while also being low in calories and completely fat-free. However, the thing that makes it the perfect false-steak food is, of course, the cut. Perfectly seasoned and roasted, cauliflower steaks will make you forget about meat.