Enough Is Enough – Know When To Stop Dieting

August 27, 2019


Unfortunately, obesity is a very common thing nowadays. That’s why there have been discoveries of so many weight loss methods in recent years, among which dieting is one of the most popular.

There are many ways a diet can do you good, but it’s also not rare for a diet that has given you results to become something of a burden. If you’re starting to feel this way, here are a few signs that signify you should stop dieting.

Breaking Point

Being lazy or putting more efforts into finding excuses than into actual weight loss aren’t really the signs you’re looking for. Instead, here are a couple of things that should sound that alarm right off.

First off, if you’re feeling like you’re struggling with a diet, you need to stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s this particular diet that’s making things hard or if you have a general problem with dieting – either way, you need to change something.

Next up is fear. You’re fine with having a meal plan, a shopping list, a pantry stocked with healthy foods, but the moment you start thinking about eating another plate of cabbage soup, you start filling up with terror. Diets aren’t necessarily fun, but they aren’t supposed to be terrifying, either.

Finally, if you’re doing everything right but you still don’t feel balanced or healthy, then dieting is just not your thing. Some people simply aren’t cut out for calorie counting and portion control, so you might as well drop that diet and check out the local gym for the price of a monthly membership.