Did Someone Say Healthy Fats?

October 2, 2019


Being healthy and achieving the perfect weight isn’t all about getting rid of certain things while chowing down on something else. In fact, the secret lies in achieving balance, which means your diet should have all the possible nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in order for you to have a healthy life.

Speaking of nutrients, if there is one people fear, it would be fat. However, experts tell us that our meals actually should include fats, and here are a couple of reasons why.

Oiling Up The Machine

As is the case with calories, there are different types of fats. Nonetheless, even those scary saturated fats are important for your well-being for a number of reasons.

First off we have cardiovascular health. Fats play an important role here, as adding saturated fats to your diet effectively reduces your levels of lipoprotein.

This compound is directly linked to heart disease, so the less you have, the lower your risk of cardiovascular problems.

Aside from your heart, fats also affect your lungs and brain in a good way.

Your respiratory organs require a coat of fat-made lung surfactant, while your brain is mostly made out of fat and cholesterol.

Finally, let’s not forget our bone health. In order for your bones to properly absorb various vitamins, they need a good chunk of fat to solute them. In short, there’s a lot more to fats than just gaining weight, so add some to your diet for a balanced and healthy life.