The Hidden Fact About Calories

October 1, 2019


No matter what you believe, weight loss and management aren’t at all simple. There are many factors you must control and work on in order to achieve a desired weight, BMI, or waistline.

The most common myth from this field is that ‘calories are everything’. Although they matter a lot, there is something about them not many people know – not all calories are the same.

Calories In, Calories Out

Losing weight is often linked to the ‘burn more calories than you consume’ philosophy. This is mostly true, but once you realize that there are different types of calories, you’ll look at your whole weight management differently.

The body reacts very differently to calories from different sources. For example, our organism can extract a lot more beneficial stuff from 1000 calories of broccoli than from 1000 calories of any soft drink.

Experts say that it’s not just the sheer amount of calories you consume that defines your weight, but rather the quality of those calories. In other words, calories from natural and unprocessed foods are much more valuable than calories from junk foods, sweets, and soft drinks.

This means counting calories has just lost a large portion of its importance. Rather than doing the math, try consuming more healthy calories than ‘empty’ calories – that way you will surely nourish your body and allow it to metabolize much more nutrients.