Here’s How to Give a Healthy Twist to the Snacks Your Kids Are Eating

January 15, 2019

Get your kids eating healthy. Here’s how you can give your kids snacks and still have them eating healthy.

1. Apples and dip


Apples are a healthy snack kids can enjoy any time. Pack a few apple slices and some caramel or peanut butter dip. Your kids will love it.

2. Celery and peanut butter


Celery is one of the healthiest foods your kids can eat. You can encourage them to eat it by stuffing that celery stalk with organic peanut butter and topping the whole thing off with delicious raisins.

3. Yogurt


The kids might not like plain yogurt, but try mixing in some of their favorite fruits. Blend plain non-fat yogurt with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries for a delicious school day snack.

4. Oranges


An orange is a healthy treat any time of day. Oranges are easy to transport, so add a few to your child’s lunchbox. Orange slices make great snacks as well.

5. Cherry tomatoes with ranch dip


Cherry tomatoes are another lunchbox-friendly snack for your child. Just grab a pack of fresh cherry tomatoes at the grocery store, pack a handful and include a small package of your favorite healthy ranch dressing.

6. Fresh veggie platter


A fresh veggie platter is a great healthy choice for those frequent school functions. Just cut up some fresh broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and other veggies and include an assortment of healthy dips.

7. Freeze dried fruits


A bag of freeze dried fruits is the perfect choice for those long field trips. The kids can enjoy a healthy snack on the bus, or while touring the local sites. You can buy an assortment of freeze dried fruits at the grocery store, or make your own with a dehydrator.

8. Wholegrain crackers


Most kids love crackers, especially with peanut butter and jelly. Make those snacks as healthy as possible by choosing whole grain varieties and organic toppings.

9. Popcorn


Fresh made popcorn is a great treat for home or school. Invest in an air popper and make your own any time. Popcorn is inexpensive, but buying a bag of popping kernels and popping your own makes it even cheaper.

10. Fresh oatmeal


Send your kid off to school with a healthy breakfast of freshly cooked oatmeal. If time is of the essence, fill a thermos with oatmeal and send your kid to school with a healthy breakfast or lunch.

11. Rice cakes


A bag of rice cakes is a great alternative to fatty potato chips. You can find rice cakes in a variety of flavors – enough for every day of the week.

12. Pretzels


A bag of pretzels is another healthier alternative to potato chips. You can make this popular snack even healthier by choosing whole grain varieties.

13. Mixed nuts


Send your kid off to school with a bag of fresh mixed nuts, or sit out a bowl at home for a healthy snack. Choose a variety of almonds, peanuts, cashews and pistachios, then mix in sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for extra variety.

14. Pickled eggs


You do not have to wait until Easter to whip up some delicious pickled eggs. Kids love pickled eggs, so surprise your son or daughter with this healthy noontime snack.

15. Homemade granola bars


Store bought granola bars are often full of at and artificial ingredients. Make your own granola bars at home and send the kids off to school with healthy snacks in their lunchboxes.