Why We Should Avoid Foods Packed With Gluten

April 21, 2019


Even if you have decided not to buy into the gluten-free craze, avoiding some foods that contain gluten may be a good idea health-wise. Gluten is essentially a mixture of two proteins mostly present in wheat that make dough elastic and make baked products and pastries chewy.

One of the foods packed with gluten is white flour, which is essentially a refined carbohydrate that is, like other refined foods, responsible to excess weight and health problems associated with it.

Surprisingly, whole wheat flour also contains gluten, even though it’s dubbed a healthier version of flour and a good substitute for breads, pasties and pasta made of while flour.

In other words, pasta, bread, tortillas, cookies, pasties of all sorts and even cereal all contain wheat, which contains gluten and are generally not the healthiest options.

Carb lovers, fear not. In today’s world that is propelled by healthy foods and different dietary regimens designed to fuel our body with best possible nourishment, there is a growing number of flour-and wheat-free products, from pasta to even chocolate chips cookies and cakes that contain no gluten but are still carbs we all enjoy.

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Foods containing gluten are essentially foods we should avoid, at least in moderation, not necessarily because they contain gluten but because they are refined carbs that are simply unhealthy.