Waiter’s Weight Can Influence Your Order

April 11, 2019


The human mind is a truly odd, mysteries thing, and it’s no wonder that we do all kinds of research just to get closer to figuring it out. Alas, we presume that won’t happen anytime soon, as one of the most recent studies regarding food and the human psyche has completely surprised everyone who’s heard about it.

We all know by now that a bunch of things affects us in every way, in every aspect of our lives, at all times. That, logically, includes mealtime.

Disregarding what’s on our plates, we get caught up in the background noise, the lighting, the smell of the room, and everything that can be caught by our senses while we eat.

A new study has found that even the way that some of our fellow humans look can influence us while we eat, or more specifically, while we’re getting ready to eat.

Researchers at a non-profit research facility named Food And Brand Lab have found out something truly unusual – the physique of our waiters largely affects our order!

The researchers observed almost 500 interactions between diners and their servers in 60 different restaurants, and recorded BMIs of diners and waiters alike, and the orders. The findings were surprising: the waiter’s BMI influenced how much the diner ordered and ate, in order words, bigger the waiter – the more food you’re bound to eat!

People served by a waiter with a high BMI were more likely to order more food, regardless of their own BMI, and they were more likely to order desserts. It’s important to state that they were also 18% more likely to order alcoholic drinks if their waiter had a BMI higher than 25.