Traditional Irish Cooking On St. Patrick’s Day

March 18, 2019


St. Patrick ’s Day is all about having drinks and enjoying good food with friends and family, and if you throw the luck of the Irish in the mix, you’ve got yourself a pretty festive spring holiday.

When it comes to traditional Irish cooking, corned beef seems to be the staple food, although some will argue that it’s not even Irish. Be that as it may, corned beef will inevitably find its way to many St. Patrick’s Day dinner tables.

Traditional corned beef takes a whooping 10 hours to cook, but going for the store-bought version can in many cases be just as good.

The next traditionally Irish ingredient on our list is definitely butter, so make sure you include the creamy Irish butter in your dinner menu.

The secret behind the famous Irish butter is in the green grassy hills where cows graze from March to October. The cows are only milked during the months when they are grazing if the milk is to be used for butter because the grass-fed milk generates the most delicious butter.

One of the ways you can use butter on St. Patrick’s Day is to make champ, mashed potato’s Irish cousin infused with creamy butter.

Last but not least, make sure you stock up on traditional Irish beer. No St. Patrick’s Day parade or celebration goes without a pitcher of Guinness, Murphy’s or Smithwick’s.