Tips and Tricks On Cooking With Alcohol

March 16, 2019


Alcohol can definitely add “buzz” to a slow or overwhelming day and it can do the same to a meal. Adding alcohol while cooking is a practice that’s been popular in many cultures for centuries, but doing it properly can be a bit tricky for novices.

Different types of “booze” complement different ingredients, and one thing to note is that stronger and darker types of alcohol, like whiskey, add flavor to dark meat, such as beef, while lighter drinks, like tequila, are best used with seafood or chicken.

When selecting the type of alcohol for cooking, the rule of thumb is to go with a drink you usually enjoy on the table. Stay away from bottles labeled “cooking wine” as they are usually not good enough for drinking, so they shouldn’t be consumed in any other way.

Another trick is in the amount of alcohol you would put into your meal. Substituting all of the water for spirits is not a good idea, but 1/4 cup of all liquids that go into the dish could be beer or wine. Alcohol will season the meat in a similar way as a cooking sauce, so thread lightly and trust your cooking instincts.