The Real Cost of Going Gluten Free

April 17, 2019


In theory, we all know gluten-free foods are more expensive, but do we know exactly how much money we’ll be spending on groceries every month if we decided to switch to this diet regimen?

Back in 2008 when individuals affected by celiac disease were the main consumers of the gluten-free diet an average gluten-free product was 242% more expensive than a regular product.

Seven years later, an average family of 4 will spend a little over 1/3 more on groceries per month if sticking to a gluten-free diet compared to a family that consumes non-gluten-free foods.

Gluten-free diet certainly comes at a premium and individuals who are new to this nutritional regimen are likely to spend twice as much on food before they get the hang of it.

The key seems to be in thorough research and planning ahead. The same product may cost more at a grocery store set at a prime real estate location whereas if purchased in a less desirable neighborhood the same product could set you back significantly less.

Planning your meals ahead and not having to walk into the first store on you lunch break to pick up the first gluten-free thing you see is far more cost effective than winging it.

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Improvising while starting this type of diet is the most expensive way to go while investing a certain amount of time and effort reduces your grocery bill at the end of each month.