The Food Of The Future: What Will We Eat Part 2

September 15, 2019


Thinking about the future brings up many theories about different subjects of our everyday lives. From means of travel and technology, to fashion and cuisine, we all imagine what the world will look like and how will we exist in it.

When it comes to things that make us feel alive, nothing really captivates the combination of survival instincts and the need for quality like food does.

Scientists and nutritionists have started sharing their thoughts on the food of the future, and some of their predictions are truly unusual. Could you live and eat in the future?

Vegan Cheese

When the food of the future comes knocking, vegans will definitely be the ones to open the door. Vegan cheese will be something the humans will regularly have on their table, and it may even happen much sooner than you expected.

The Real Vegan Cheese project is already on its way, and its goal is to make cheese without cows. So, would you like to top your jellyfish pizza off with some vegan cheese in a few decades?

Allergy-Free Peanuts

Here is some great news for all those people who are allergic to peanuts and have to be wary while they’re eating away from home. This food definitely sounds like something that’s not just tasty, but useful as well.

There are a couple of teams at the very moment trying to create something that won’t drive people, parents in particular, crazy of worry.