The Best Foodie Valentine’s Day Gifts Part 1

January 27, 2019


The most romantic day of the year (according to some) is approaching, and everyone who loves someone is out searching for the perfect way to express their love.

When foodies are involved, Valentine’s Day is all about food – and we’re not just talking about your average candlelight dinner.

Foodies of all kinds will like anything you give them as long as they love you, but their hearts will be yours for all eternity if you surprise them with one of these awesome gifts.

(Not So) Classic Chocolate

If your significant other is a chocolate geek, he or she will absolutely love this present. Cocoa Runners is offering special collections for Valentine’s Day, and they don’t consist of just your average box of chocolates.

Cookery Classes

Learning is always fun, especially when it has everything to do with food. Cooking classes are amazing gifts, and they can be done in pairs. Learning to make dishes of all calibers, from different cuisines can only be more fun if you have a special someone who will accompany you.

Red Love

Nothing says “I love you” like red fruit! Joakim Prat’s Red Love is a luxurious pastry made of Tahitian vanilla cream and raspberry puree, punctuated with raspberry seeds and enrobed in a raspberry-flavored éclair-shaped macaron. Its taste and look is extravagant, but it won’t burn a whole through your wallet.

An Extravagant Takeaway

Ordering in an extravagant, romantic food experience isn’t reserved for fancy hotels only. You can easily order everything from Italian to Japanese to Michelin, of amazing quality of course, from La Belle Assiette – a posh takeaway company. It may be more expensive than your average takeaway, but it will still cost you less than a lux diner at a posh establishment.