See How Whole Grain Fiber Diet Does Wonders to Your Overall Health

February 10, 2019


Whole grain fiber based diet is the inevitable step toward the new and healthier you. How do we know that?

Easy – recent research has proved that diet based on whole grain fiber can prevent cardiovascular, infectious, or respiratory diseases. 3 in 1.

The National Cancer Institute made an experiment in which the researchers followed more than 500,000 people and monitored their overall health.

Pretty soon they realized that persons with the highest dietary fiber intake of 29g per day for men and 26 for women, had a 22% lower risk of developing some of the aforementioned diseases.

Dr. Yikyung Park of the National Cancer Institute in Rockville, stated that after the experiment was over, the diets high in whole grain fiber managed to lower their risk of getting cardiovascular, infectious, or respiratory diseases by a staggering 24% – 56% in men, and by 34% – 59% in women.

Know Your Fiber

However, the nutritionists also warned that not all kinds of fiber are this healthy for your body.

According to Harvard doctors, Lawrence de Koning and Frank B. Hu, only grain sources of fiber ended up being linked to the positive results.

“While fiber is clearly a component of whole grains, the reverse is not true. Fiber isolates probably do not provide the same benefits as intact, whole grains. Substituting whole grains for refined grains would provide benefits not only from fiber but also from other unique health-promoting components of whole grains.”