Reduce Stress By Adding These Foods To Your Plate

June 5, 2019


Most of us live hectic lives which give us very little time to take care of ourselves. Having a busy schedule is bad on its own, but there is a side effect to this that can be more harmful to us than a lack of time – stress.

Stress alone can’t really do any damage, but when it’s constant, it’s usually followed by more threatening conditions and illnesses. If you want to get rid of stress and all the risks it brings, try adding these foods to your diet.

Natural Stress Relievers

Being under stress for longer periods of time can negatively affect both your mental and physical health.

Your digestive tract, hormones, heart, immune system, as well as your brain are all at risk when you’re exposed to stress.

For that reason alone, you should start managing your stress levels – and what better way to do it than with food?

There are specific plants that go under the name adaptogens. They earned their names due to their ability to adapt to different states of body and mind with the sole purpose of returning your health to balance. Read on to find out which foods fall under this group of nature’s miracles.

Think Positive, Think Green

Adaptogen plants are effective not because a particular part of our body benefits from them, but because they tend to impact our health as a whole.

One of the most notable benefits of adaptogens is in terms of healing our adrenal glands, and by doing so, they counteract the effects of stress.

Plants that fall under this group are ashwagandha, astralagus, golden root, cordycep mushroom, holy basil, and schisandra. Each of these plants is known for its own set of benefits, but they all have the stress-reducing effect in common.

All in all, instead of grabbing some pills to calm down, why not chop up some natural, stress-relieving plants and add them to your salad? We promise you’ll feel better afterwards.