Prevent Overeating When Going Out Drinking With These Easy Tips

July 13, 2019


Who wasn’t in the situation of going out, having a great time, drinking alcohol and then finding themselves in a fast food joint, stuffing their mouth with every unhealthy meal out there? We don’t need to tell you just how bad that occasion is to your body. However, overeating after drinking can be avoided easily with a few helpful tips!

Eat Before You Go Out

Never miss the chance to eat a solid meal before going out drinking. This step, that’s usually tossed somewhere in the outskirts of your evening plans, is vital for preventing yourself from noshing on everything in sight after a few drinks. Stick to veggies and protein, because that choice is a great one if you don’t want to look bloated when trying to schmoose someone in the club or bar.


Everyone knows that water is essential, and yet, everyone keeps ignoring it!

Not only are you supposed to stay hydrated throughout your day, but you should also drink plenty of water even while sipping on alcoholic beverages, if not even more so.

You might feel a bit bloated, but you will thank your lucky stars the next day when there’s no headache or that nasty taste in your mouth.

Don’t Drink More Than Two Drinks

This could prove to be quite the challenge; however, you really should try your best to stick to this decision! The less you drink the less likely you are to getting hungry later!

Don’t Wait Until Last Call

Apart from assuring that you will wake up the next morning fresh like a daisy, leaving the club or bar before last call is also a great way to avoid hunger. Think of it this way: if you leave early, you’ll go straight home, and therefore avoid hungry people dragging you to a food joint.

Hungry At Home? No problem

So, you left the party early, you stuck to a two-drink limit, and you ate a substantial meal before going out on a night of drinking – but you’re hungry. No biggie, just make a healthy snack that veggie or fruit based. It’s quicker to make (which really means a lot late at night), you won’t overeat, and you’ll feel great in the morning!