New, 4th Type Of Chocolate Has Been Invented! Ruby Chocolate

September 14, 2019


Here’s something to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your sweet-tooth.

Good news for all chocolate lovers out there for there’s a new chocolate in town and it’s called Ruby.

Luckily, this is not just some lame excuse for new chocolate that is just a fancy mixture of pre-existing types of chocolate – this is indeed the first brand-new kind of your favorite treat since white chocolate was introduced some 80 years ago.

Our new chocolaty friend, Ruby, is fairly pink in color, which is due to the fact that this chocolate is manufactured from the Ruby cocoa bean, which contains pinkish pigments.

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The Taste

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the taste of Ruby. People who were lucky enough to have actually tasted it say Ruby’s taste is a mix of fruity and sour.

The folks over at “Barry Callebaut,” the Zurich-based company that made Ruby, spent 13 long years developing this new type of chocolate and they describe it as “an intense sensorial delight” and “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.”

Watch the video below:

Still Unavailable To The Public

The chocolate has recently been unveiled to the world at an exclusive launch event in Shanghai, but unfortunately Ruby is still not available to the general public.

The new chocolate is currently being sold off in huge batches only to various chocolate companies and confectionary sellers around the globe, so yeah – us mere mortals will have to wait a little bit longer to get a taste of Ruby.

As for its exact ingredients, the chocolate composition is still being kept secret, of course.

One thing is certain though – we hope Ruby tastes as good as it looks.

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