More Flavor, Less Risk

November 16, 2019


The main difference people notice between organic and processed foods is that the former seemingly lacks in taste.

This is because we have grown accustomed to artificial flavorings found in your fries, burgers, cupcakes, and beverages, but that doesn’t mean you should get used to it.

Just A Pinch Of Flavor

There are many ways you can add some flavor to your naturally grown and prepared meals. These are very subtle, yet overall quite effective at giving your favorite dishes that edge they might have been missing.

First off we have spices. Oregano, cinnamon, sea salt, white pepper – these and more will work towards giving any dish that extra punch. If you’re into hot food, you can even add a bit of fresh chili to spice things up to the max.

The next tip you can use is oil selection. Choosing the right oil is just the first step – you also need to make sure the oil you’re using is of good quality. This will ensure anything you cook doesn’t lose its flavor.

Finally, you can grow your own spices, only this time we also refer to herbs. Having parsley and basil in small plant pots pays off in the long run, as you’ll always have access to fresh and natural flavor-enhancing herbs.