Make Water-Drinking Fun: How To Stay Hydrated In A Tasty Manner

July 31, 2019


We all know that the most important thing to consume is water. Water is basically life, and staying hydrated is of utmost importance. However, this basic human need sometimes seems as a chore or job, since water is, let’s face it, a pretty boring liquid to drink. It has no taste, no flavor, and we all know humans can’t stand anything that doesn’t taste good (or in this case, at all).

However, drinking water can and should be enjoyable, so we’ve assembled a few tips on how to spruce up this essential life-providing liquid.

Fresh / Frozen Fruit

Just by simply adding slices of your favorite fresh or frozen fruits to water, you can boost up the taste level through the roof!

The best options are definitely slices of melon, mango, orange, lemon, and berries of all sorts.

The best thing – when you drink the water, you can eat the fruit, so this options makes a great snack as well.

Flavor/Herb Extracts

Much like sliced fruit, flavor and herb extracts go a long way when thrown into a pitcher of water. It’s best to infuse the extracts with warm water to bring out the flavors, and then pour the mix over cold water or ice. Mint is by far the most legendary herb extract, while vanilla is the best flavor extract to add to water.

Flavored Ice Cubes

Freeze your favorite fruit juices in an ice tray and then simply throw a couple of them into a glass of plain water. It’s fun, it’s colorful, and it’s delicious!

Crushed Ice

By simply changing water’s texture you make it more enjoyable to drink and fun. Sure, it sounds a bit stupid, but that’s just how humans function. You can also mix this tip with the previous one, and make flavored crushed ice – now, that’s a party for your mouth right there!


Don’t laugh – the cucumber is a cult classic when it comes to spicing up water. Throw a couple of slices in a glass of fresh water and drink until you can’t drink no more – water will never harm you.