Is Your Kitchen Destroying Your Food?

June 3, 2019


In a previous article, we talked about food toxins and how to avoid them. Although the easiest possible ways to do this is cooking your food, some preparation processes can actually do more harm than good to both you and your food. Read on to find out if your cooking routine is actually destroying your food.

The Heat-Up

Microwaves have become an everyday part of the modern society. If you’re not heating a cold meal up, you’re making popcorn in this machine, meaning we’re free to say that the microwave found its place in our lives.

The only problem with the microwave is its effect on foods. You might think it’s harmless, but nuking your meal with micro-waves is actually destroying the majority of the phytonutrients and enzymes, which are critical parts of healthy foods.

Avoiding The Process

One of the most common foods we can find in any kitchen are grains. While they are mostly beneficial and are usually prepared in such a manner that doesn’t lower their nutritional value, they will most likely be processed before you even get to them.

Grains usually go through such a process that leaves them stripped of almost all nutrients they originally contained. Most of the nutritious parts of the grain get removed during this process, and once chlorides have been added to prolong its life, it becomes virtually useless.

To sum it up, avoid processed foods and heating up your meals if you want your food to provide you with any health benefits at all.