Is Oily Fish The Best Cancer-Fighting Food?

April 8, 2019


Which foods or ingredients take the No.1 spot on the list of the best cancer-fighting foods is debatable, and combining all the nutrients that make their way onto that list is probably the smartest idea.

Still, many experts agree that eating oily fish on a regular basis offers significant help in the combat against cancer cells and in most cases doesn’t interfere with chemotherapy.

Fish oil contains long chain omega-3s which in the process of fighting cancer cells decrease inflammation and irritation.

Omega-3s also lengthen telomeres, which are an essential part of our cells that affect how they age. Telomeres shorten during the battle with cancer and consuming enough Omega-3s can increase longevity and decrease the risks to our DNA structure.

Fish oil is a great source of Vitamin A, another important ally against cancer. Herring, mackerel and salmon are packed with Vitamin A and need to be included in the menu of a cancer patient. In particular, expert have concluded that Omega-3s are effective in the fight against prostate, breast and colon cancer.