Is It Worth Going Vegan?

April 3, 2019


Eating meat entails digesting nutrients we need to function properly, such as protein, but it also comes with bad cholesterol and saturated animal fat. Switching to a vegan diet means depending on plant protein sans the unhealthy components of meat. In a nutshell, making the case for going vegan should be easy, but we all need to keep in mind that change is hard and it takes quite a bit of time.

Although vegan food can be delicious, producing new levels of energy we never knew we had, in addition to slimming us down, learning all the new recipes, shopping for new ingredients and changing such a big aspect of everyone’s daily life is challenging in terms of time and a financial investment.

Switching to a new, healthier diet doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, but the process of finding the foods we like, learning to prepare them and finding the stores that carry them certainly comes at a cost.

This is one aspect of going vegan to keep in mind, which doesn’t mean the end results isn’t worth the time and effort.

Doing good by the environment and saving the planet one chicken or turkey at a time is a noble way to live one’s life. Producing and consuming meat hurts the environment as it is wasteful, polluting and leads to climate change. In terms of being environmentally conscious and “green”, switching to a vegan diet is more beneficial than switching to a “green” car.

For all those who are not ready to give up their old habits and make such a drastic change, going vegan for one day a week is a great place to start.