Hydrate Your Body With These Foods

July 1, 2019


When the sun is up and the air around us is dry and hot, we tend to sweat a lot more than we usually do. Although sweating is actually healthy, it can lead you to dehydration.

For this reason, staying hydrated over the summer is very important. But instead of drinking gallons of water every day, why not just fill your plate with foods than can keep you hydrated?

Water-Packed Veggies

One of the best things about many vegetables is that they’re mostly made out of water.

For example, cucumber is 95% water, squash is 88%, cantaloupe is 90%, and so on. This is why salads look so tasty when the weather is hot – not only are they healthy, but they’re also packed with water.

If we had to single out a veggie, it would be radishes. These tasty veggies are 95.3% made out of water, while also containing beneficial antioxidants and nutrients.

The Sweet Taste Of Hydration

It’s not only vegetables you should be eating for hydration, as there are fruits which can also satisfy your body’s need for water.

Even though watermelon is technically a vegetable, you would still go for it when you have a sweet tooth. Aside its delicious flavor, the watermelon is 92% water and contains plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants.

You can even make a fruit salad by mixing watermelon with strawberries and papaya. Both of these fruits are filled with water and pack more than enough health benefits.