How Many Glasses of Water Are Actually Enough?

May 15, 2019


Getting enough water into our system on a daily basis helps our body run like a well oiled machine. In addition to being important to the process of waste elimination, water also regulates our body temperature.

The biggest danger when it comes to dehydration is when the body runs out of water to get blood to all of your organs. Even mild dehydration can make you feel tired and unable to function properly.

The amount of water necessary for maintaining good health varies from one individual to the next and depends on where people live, how active they are and how healthy they are.

Healthy males living in a moderate climate should actually be drinking 13 glasses of any liquid a day, while healthy females need to consume 9 glasses of liquids for proper body functioning.

Individuals who engage in intense exercise will certainly require more water than an average person as they lose more of it though sweat. Vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration and it’s important to be drinking more liquids when experiencing digestive problems.

Drinking tea or freshly squeezed juice can be a good alternative for those who don’t like to consume liters of water every day. Foods such as watermelon and cucumber are also good sources of water.