How Diet Tips Could Be Sabotaging You

May 25, 2019


For all of us who watch what we eat and make a conscious effort to eat healthy, the abundance of diet “tips and tricks” could actually be counterproductive.

Researching your foods and cooking methods well, for instance, is much more effective than blindly going for “healthy foods” at the grocery store.

Products labeled as “healthy” because they contain little to no fat, for instance, may be packed with other unnecessary andunhealthy additives to preserve it.

Read the label carefully and research the manufacturer to make sure you are purchasing what you actually intend to purchase.

Counting calories is another “tip” that often produces undesired results. Foods that are “low in calories” are full of preservatives and chemicals that should not be put in food. Also, this practice can lead to obsessive behaviour that can really be detrimental in the long run.

Eating fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and enough protein from dairy products to make us feel full, but not stuffed, coupled with regular exercise, is the best way to keep the weight in check without going overboard.