Herbs As Superfoods

November 25, 2019


If we were to be completely honest, we would say that superfoods can be found anywhere. The new trend of getting the most nutrition and the least calories out of your meals is becoming more and more popular, but it’s not only chia seeds and salmon that qualify as a superfood.

More Than Smelling Nice

Herbs, especially flowers, are best known for their pleasant smell and beautiful looks. Furthermore, these plants are also used in alternative medicine, but today we’re going to focus on herbs that can be consumed as superfoods.

First off, we have nettle. Although they can sting when raw, you can utilize nettle leaves in a tea after drying them.

Just one cup of this beverage in the morning will speed up your metabolism throughout the day, increasing your chances of losing weight.

Next up is aloe vera. Many things can be said about this particular herb, as it has been used in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries for decades.

When it comes to consuming it, aloe vera juice is packed with natural steroids, amino acids, minerals, antibiotic agents, and enzymes.

Finally, there’s ginseng. If you’re feeling stressed out, this is the herb for you – it can be used as an energizer tonic and is especially effective when it comes to recovering from illnesses.