Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

May 1, 2019


Having a healthy lunch on a daily basis is crucial for keeping your weight in check, but buying lunch at work every day isn’t particularly popular when it comes to being frugal with your finances. Still, there are plenty of good ideas for making a healthy lunch at home at a much lower cost without the hassle of having to heat up your food every day at the office or make other people uncomfortable with the smell that’s coming out of your lunch bag.

Pasta is one of the easiest and cheapest foods you can base your lunch on, provided you opt for quinoa or other similar grains used to actually make healthy penne or spaghetti.

When we say pasta we don’t necessarily mean a heavy sauce and huge chunks of meat.

It’s more along the lines of a pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, other types of veggies of your choice and ham or even tuna.

Making a healthy wrap at home also doesn’t mean embarrassing spills at work or expensive lunches all the time. Use chicken or turkey to stuff the wrap and don’t forget to add the greens, such as lettuce or cucumber, or sliced carrots and maybe even some pineapple or oranges.

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Using flour-free bread to make a sandwich for work is another healthy alternative, provided the sandwich contains no sauces and has plenty of fresh vegetables. Use chicken or salmon for your sandwich and have a fruit salad afterwards for a nice and balanced meal at work.