Hacks On How To Keep Your Food From Spoiling (Part 2)

August 23, 2019


Remember that episode of Friends when Joey’s fridge broke so he had to eat all the food to keep it from spoiling? Well, as much as it sounds fun for all Joey fans out there, you wouldn’t want something like this happening to you.

In this column we will give you some smart hacks on how to keep your fresh food from spoiling fast.

Washing Berries in Vinegar Prolongs their Life

Since berries are pretty expensive fruit and they all tend to become moldy rather quickly, you will want to try this.

The life of berries can be extended by bathing them in 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water before you store them in your fridge.

Even though it may sound crazy, vinegar actually kills the mold spores and bacteria that make your fruit go bad.

Don’t Keep your Tomatoes in the Fridge

Refrigerating your tomatoes shortens their life, while it also kills their flavor and takes away their trademark juicy texture.

To keep your tomatoes fresh, juicy and delicious, keep them stored in a dark place at room temperature. The same goes for potatoes and onions.

Stick around for more cool cooking tips.