Give Your Health A Kick-Start With These Three Spices

October 6, 2019


Although most dishes are usually accompanied by various seasonings, not all of us are aware of just how healthy these spices we use actually are. In that name, here are three spices you probably have in your kitchen which will actually make you healthier.

The Herbs Of Life

Healing and preserving your body through foods isn’t a new thing, but once you spice those foods up, you’ll know well-being as never before.

We’ll start off with nutmeg, which isn’t only popular with traditional Tibetan cuisine, but is also a big component of many kitchens around the globe.

Aside from its mellow flavor, nutmeg has actual calming properties – it can help your heart, nervous system, and is of great help when it comes to sleep.

Next up is saffron. Although not as common as nutmeg, this cold natured herb is definitely something you must have in your kitchen.

Saffron is excellent for detoxification and cleansing the blood and liver, while also calms down inflammations.

Finally, we have cumin. This unique spice can add an edge to any meal, while being able to increase your metabolism rate and improve your digestion. Cumin can also help with congestion, indigestion, and tight lungs, especially when in tea form.