Eating The Right Foods While On Vacation

April 9, 2019


Taking a vacation is a wonderful break from the everyday rut we all sometimes find ourselves in, and consuming different foods while abroad is an enriching experience for body and soul.

Still, we need to keep in mind that food regulations differ from country to country and what works for the locals might not agree with us.

While on vacation, make sure you check the ingredients of the foods you are tasting, especially if they are new to you, to avoid unpleasant adverse effects that may end at a doctor’s office.

Always have a box of probiotic supplements handy when going away, and it would be wise to take them every day just to be on the safe side.

Stick to bottled water, especially if you can find the brand you usually consume at home, and head to popular restaurants and food joints with lots of traffic, which is often a good sign of fresh food, as they need to restock on a regular basis to serve all their customers.

Experimentation in restaurants is welcome if you feel 100%, while sticking to the foods you are used to that are prepared in a different way is probably the safest way to go. Ordering ants for dessert is certainly appealing to some people, especially in uber-fancy restaurants, but only the bravest among us will make this bold move. Erring on the side of caution is advisable while abroad so that your trip isn’t ruined by nasty stomach problems.