Eating Habits Of Skinny People You Need To Incorporate In Your Life

April 10, 2019


You look at the skinny person standing in front of you in line at the grocery store. What is their secret? How do they stay thin and fit, when half the country is getting fatter by the minute? They have their tricks, of course. You just have to fit them into your lifestyle.

Eat more protein

If you are used to eating sweet grains for breakfast, it’s time for a makeover. Ditch the cold cereal and donuts for foods filled with protein, such as eggs, lean meats, nuts and cheese. The protein gives you added energy, and helps to keep you full longer. That helps you avoid the constant snacking.

Remember – when it’s time for dinner, eat a filling dinner. Then, be done until breakfast in the morning. The late night noshing on garbage is killing your waistline.

Drop the soda

There is just no reason whatsoever for you to drink soda, period. Throw that cola where it belongs, down the toilet (where it becomes a surprisingly effective cleaning agent). Whether you drink soda with high fructose corn syrup or sweetened with aspartame or Splenda, each can is another nail in your coffin.

Soda gives you the option of dying via diabetes or brain cancer. So, what should you choose? Why, sparkling water with a little juice for flavor.

Snack sensible

In the mid-afternoon slump, you are about to head to the vending machine or cafeteria and buy something that your body does not want or need. Eating healthy need not be awful, however. If you are simply dying for a sweet treat to get you through until dinner, consider fresh berries and good dark chocolate.

The fiber in the berries balances with the fat in the chocolate create a snack that is both healthy and sinfully delicious.

Drink less latte


You may not even consider buying a candy bar. But, that Venti White Mocha Frappuccino has just as much fat and calories, and maybe even more.

Abandoning your fat-filled ways does not mean you have to quit drinking coffee. Just cut way back.

Instead of buying a drink that has more milk and sugar than coffee, turn it around. Order your drink with mostly drip coffee.

Then, add a little cream and a pump or two of flavoring to customize it.

Consider your courses

People used to think that salad was the healthiest meal option on the menu. But, this is not actually true. You may be surprised to learn that soup is often much safer for you than salad. After all, salad is often laden with cheese and positively dripping with a high calorie dressing.

Choose a broth based soup to help take the edge off your snacking on carbs while you wait for your entree, without adding too many calories to your day.

Indulge reasonably

At some point, you want to eat dessert. And it’s OK, as skinny people like to indulge from time to time as well. Just do not go totally crazy. If you pair the treat with a filling meal, you may discover that you are content with just a few bites of a tempting cheesecake. And, when you can, go for the real thing.

A single small, rich brownie is going to be more satisfying than ten of the low-fat variety.

Think fat, not starches

You have probably noticed that fat-free yogurt tastes very different from full-fat yogurt. It is the same with many dairy products and baked goods, such as ice cream and cookies.

But when manufacturers eliminated the fat from the food, they changed the composition. Fat-free foods often need added sugar to be more palatable.

The end result is a treat that tastes acceptable but is less filling or satisfying.

Save room for protein-packed meats and nutritious vegetables by keeping the servings of bread and sweet treats to a minimum. Fat is not your enemy. Sugar in excess quantities most definitely is.

It is quite difficult to keep a thin appearance these days. But with these rules that skinny people follow, you’ll be several steps closer.