Discovering The Next Big Superfood – White Mulberry

November 18, 2019


It’s not just diets and calorie counting we can rely on for weight loss nowadays, since nature has given us more than enough tools to work with towards achieving our goals in terms of health and weight management. And one of the best of these tools is superfoods.

Many things fall into this super-category, such as chia seeds, Greek yogurt, leafy greens and many more. Now these foods are welcoming a cousin into their ranks, and its name is white mulberry.

Health Enhancing

White mulberry is native to Northern China and has been cultivated and used for healing purposes there for the past 4000 years.

In the past decade, however, many clinical and laboratory experiments have proven that this plant is actually equipped with all its alleged health benefits.

Similarly to chia seeds, the white mulberry is loaded with antioxidants – mainly flavonoids – which turn into seek-and-destroy missiles once they encounter cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

Furthermore, multiple studies have shown that people who consume white mulberry can also lower their ‘bad’ cholesterol levels. Combine that with this plant’s natural ability to decrease one’s blood sugar levels, and you’ve got yourself a brand new superfood!