Diet Friendly Alcohol Choices – Choosing A Healthier Way Of Drinking

April 5, 2019


No matter your reason for turning to diet friendly alcohol choices, you’ll notice improvements in many parts of your life when following them. Some people look for healthier ways to drink as part of a weight loss plan. Others know that they are drinking too much and healthy tips will help them to cut down.

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two as long as you can control your alcohol consumption. And when following healthy tips, you don’t have to feel guilty about shooting that shot of vodka you like so much. Let’s take a quick look at diet friendly alcohol choices and how you can choose a healthier way of drinking.

Stay away from dark alcohol

The clearer the alcohol, the better. From light beer to vodka, these alcohol choices have fewer calories and tend to be easier on your body, including your liver.

Don’t drink everyday

As much as you may like to, drinking everyday is not healthy. Even if your consumption of alcohol doesn’t negatively affect your responsibilities, your liver will suffer majorly from having to process alcohol day in and day out.

If you happen to not want to take a break from drinking, make sure you keep your consumption to a minimum. For men, no more than three units a day of alcohol. For women, no more than two units.

Keep sugary drinks to a minimum

Sugary drinks are great on the taste buds, but they are horrible on your body. In fact, the sugar in sugary drinks is just as hard to process as the alcohol.

Choose diet friendly drinks

In addition to clear alcohol, there are other diet friendly choices for you to choose from. Four of the more popular diet friendly options include microbrews, rum with diet soda, diet wine, and tonic and vodka.


Know your wines

If you happen to be a wine drinker, this is great. Most wines have no cholesterol or fat. The calorie count in most wines tends to be low as well. In fact, almost all wines have about 20 calories per ounce, meaning one glass will have 100 calories.

Track how much you drink

Making healthy alcohol choices involves tracking the amount of alcohol that you consume. If you allow yourself two units a day, keeping track will ensure that you don’t go over your allowance. As said before, though, diet friendly alcohol choices include not drinking on a daily basis. Try to keep your daily units between one to three and strive to drink only one to two days a week.

Always drink alcohol with water

Drinking alcohol with water is one of the most diet friendly alcohol choices you can make. Because alcohol dehydrates your body, drinking water will help you to avoid hangovers as well as migraines.