Busting The Protein Myths

August 18, 2019


No matter what the goal of your diet is, each macronutrient is equally important and should be a consistent part of your meals. This includes protein, which serves not only as a building block for muscles, but also as our prime source of energy.

However, some people still believe in various myths surrounding this particular nutrient, which in turn makes them either focus on meat protein or avoid it completely. In that name, here are some truths about protein you’ll definitely want to know.

Call Them As You See Them

Due to certain things we’re being told via the TV and the internet, there is a common belief that the only protein worth consuming is the one found in meat.

Although lean protein is certainly not bad for you, there are in fact other sources of protein you might want to consider if you simply don’t have time to prepare a whole meal.

First off, there’s plant-based protein. For some reason, people are convinced that protein from plants is not complete or that it doesn’t blend properly.

In truth, plant protein doesn’t have the same amount of essential amino acids like meat does, but if you combine two different types you’ll be able to cover all bases.

Likewise, there is a common belief that protein powder is not even close to being as beneficial as natural protein. However, this can’t be farther from the truth.

If you choose a natural, minimally processed, wholesome, plant-based protein powder, your body will have a much easier time absorbing the nutrient and transporting it to your muscles. Plus, whipping up a protein powder shake takes a lot less time than preparing a steak.