Best Types Of Ingredients For The Healthiest Smoothie

April 1, 2019


Smoothies are a popular way of ingesting healthy nutrients in a quick and efficient manner. A trip to the local market and a decent blender are all that is required to make a vitamin bomb/beauty potion to stay healthy and maintain a youthful glow.

Whichever fresh foods or veggies you go for, finding the combination that suits your taste buds goes a long way and keeps you committed to making healthy drinks on a regular basis.

Experts agree that anything green is super-healthy and promotes the largest number of health benefits.

Greens include spinach, kale or even lettuce and need to be worked down to a creamy paste to reap the most benefits and most people simply don’t chew that much.

Using spinach or kale as a base for a smoothie leads to beautiful skin, nails and hair, in addition to improving the overall health.

In order to make the smoothie “drinkable”, adding lemon juice as part of the daily diet gives the body a vitamin C boost to help with digestion and the immune system. If you add some apples and bananas into the mix, you’ve got yourself a tasty drink.

Pectin that is found in apples naturally cleanses the body, especially blood, in turn keeping the internal organs healthy and your skin glowing. Tryptophan that is found in bananas is a natural anti-depressant that puts people in a better mood and helps with sleep problems.