Beat That Belly Fat With A Low-Carb Diet

May 20, 2019


For all of us who are skinny-fat out there, or who are not overweight but struggle with belly fat all the time, switching to a low-carb diet may actually be the answer.

Eating bad carbs, such as white bread sandwiches and french fries, increases blood sugar levels, which can lead to numerous health issues as well as weight gain. It’s actually bad carbs that are to blame for obesity in the U.S., and not fat as one would think.

On that note, let’s take a quick look at the foods that are acceptable when starting a low-carb diet.

First off, avoid potatoes and kidney beans, and instead try to base your diet on olives, radishes, lettuce, mushrooms, celery, spinach, broccoli, onions, sprouts, kale, tomato, leeks, pumpkin and garlic.

These are conventional vegetables that need to be on your menu far more than potatoes, which are often overrepresented.

You should eat a lot of cheese as a good source of protein, which is what your diet will focus on once you eliminate bad carbs, so opt for feta, swiss, parmesan, cheddar and goat cheese. Eggs should definitely have their place on your breakfast table to make you feel full in the morning without adding empty calories.

Most importantly, make sure you stock up on meat, starting with fish and fowl. You can choose between cod, trout, tuna, sardines, salmon and flounder and add some variety with chicken, turkey, as well as duck, goose and pheasant meat for those who are more brave and like to experiment with food. Lamb, veal and pork should be evenly distributed in your diet and you can prepare the meat using walnut, grape seed and canola oil.