Avoid At All Cost: The Unhealthiest Salad Toppings Part 1

September 11, 2019


A well-balanced, healthy salad can go a long way for your well-being, and it can be pretty darn delicious as well.

However, all of that falls into water when you decide to top the salad off with the unhealthiest things.

The topping you choose is equally important as the salad itself, as it can lower the nutritional level of the healthy green-based plate you’re about to eat.

Among all of the salad toppings in the world, these few definitely take the cake, or in this case, the salad.

Roasted/Salted Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds used in toppings are usually roasted in a bunch of unhealthy fats, and they’re pretty high in fat, calories, and sodium. Although they might seem as the right choice for your body, and even your heart health, they’re really not. Next time, opt for unsalted, raw nuts and seeds.

Dried Fruits

Once again, what looks like a good, healthy topping idea doesn’t necessarily have to be one. As fruit dries, it loses its water content, and turns into mini calorie bombs during that process. Not only that, but it can also contain added sugars and oils. So if you thought that might get a little sweet kick out of them, while pumping your body with nutritional components, you’re in fact doing your body more harm. If you want a bit of sweetness in your salad, go for a grape, apple, or blueberry option instead.

Bacon Bits

Do we need to say anything at all? Bacon is not, in any way, a healthy salad topping option. Neither is any other processed meat, for that matter. Go for roasted beans or chickpeas option instead if you want some extra protein and flavor.