Are You A Freezer Hoarder?

June 12, 2019


A study has shown that the average family has about $70 worth of food that just rots away uneaten in the freezer.

If you’re the kind of person that stuffs their freezer without any particular need for it, check out these signs to tell if you’re a freezer hoarder.

If “doomsday preppers” have nothing on you, you probably have a problem.

Freezer Jenga

When you go to the freezer to get something, do you have to plan and carefully execute the operation of getting that item? If you have to play a game of Jenga every time you need to cook, you’re probably a freezer hoarder.

The Food In The Back Scares You

Cleaning your freezer can sometimes be scarier than a horror flick. Who knows how long those items have been in there? You certainly don’t want to find out, so you pretend that the back doesn’t exist.

Stacks On Stacks

IF you come back from the market with something that you already have but you forgot about it, you’re definitely a freezer hoarder. You can keep doing what you’re doing until you have every food item in the world… or you could clean up your freezer and stop hoarding.

Safety First

When you open your freezer and reach for something to make dinner but as soon as you do, you realize that you actually have no idea is that product safe for eating anymore, it’s time to face the freezing facts – you’re hoarding.

Some Items Are Extinct

Do you occasionally find something in your freezer that no longer exists? We’re not talking about dodo birds, we’re talking about items that are no longer on the market. If yes, you might want to seek some professional help.