Are Banana Peels The Next Big Thing In Weight Loss?

July 9, 2019


Who would have guessed that the oldest prank comedy weapon will be one of the best weight loss weapons out there? Next time you eat a banana don’t throw the peel away, because experts are now claiming that this “waste” will help you in your battle to shed some pounds.

How Exactly Are Banana Peels Helpful With Weight-Loss?

The peel is absolutely packed with nutrients like vitamin A and B, antioxidants, and fiber – more than in the fruit itself! Your body needs all of these things to keep it going and to keep the metabolism working like a clock. The fiber (both soluble and insoluble) is a great way to fight slow digestion, lower cholesterol and maintain the feeling of fullness.

How To Incorporate Banana Peels Into Your Diet?

The overlooked part of one of the most popular fruits in the world is actually one of the culinary staples in India, the Caribbean, and other exotic places, and it can also make any dish absolutely delicious.

One of the best ways to incorporate the healthy, weight-shedding banana peel in your diet regime is just by simply throwing it in into your morning whole-fruit smoothie mix.

When cooking, choose green peels over the yellow ones, since they will grant you with a bundle of probiotics, and resistant starch, which triggers fat-burning.

Not only that, but more than 40% of the banana’s potassium level is found in the peel itself.

Because they are starchier than their fellow yellow counterparts, green banana skins take on the flavor of ingredients they are cooked with, and they fit in exquisitely in savory dishes.

Yellow peels, on the other hand, have amazing anti-cancer qualities, while overripe ones help the production of white blood cells. They also don’t have to be cooked, and they can be eaten as they are, mixed in smoothies or even tea.