Did You Know these Benefits of Drinking Water?

January 2, 2019

Water bottle

You already know that drinking more water is good for your health, but you might not have the full list of benefits.

There are a number of upsides to drinking more water that we don’t all know about.

You know that water keeps you hydrated, that you can keep from getting tired when working out, that you can use it to regulate your body temperature, but you might not know that…

1. Drinking More Water Can Save You Money
By drinking more water, you tend to be hungry less often. In fact, many people mistake signs of thirst for signs of hunger. When you drink more water, and you eat less, you spend less money on groceries. Even if you aren’t interested in losing weight, four quarts of water a day can do your wallet some favors.

2. Staying Regular
Maintaining proper digestion is key to maintaining a good weight, and drinking enough water is key to maintaining proper digestion. Simple as that.

3. Water Can Reduce Cholesterol
Drinking water regularly can keep your cholesterol levels healthy.

4. Water Can Tone Muscle
Not everyone knows this, but hydration can actually help you to keep your muscles toned. You can’t tone with dry muscles.

5. The Liver Needs it
If you don’t keep hydrated, your liver will just have your body storing fat, instead of water. Drinking enough water helps to keep your liver in check.

6. Ending Water Retention
Your body tends to retain water because you’re not getting enough of it, not because you’re getting too much hydration.

7. Your Skin Just Looks Better
Not drinking enough water can leave your skin drying up and cracking. You can develop blemishes, acne and other skin conditions as a result. Staying hydrated can help your skin to really glow.

8. Water Flushes Toxins Out of Your System
Many people grow obsessed with purification measures like colonic therapy and so on, but in reality, if you just make sure to drink enough water, then you should have absolutely no problem keeping your body relatively free of toxins.

There is such a thing as water poisoning wherein drinking too much can harm your kidneys, but we’re talking about bathtubs full of water at that point. The truth is that you can never really get enough water as long as you drink it reasonably, but the average adult should get about four quarts a day, regardless of your health goals.