7 Awesome Things That Happen When You Start Cooking From Scratch

November 10, 2019


If you are a true foodie, you probably know that there should be no shortcuts when it comes to cooking your favorite meals.

According to Johanna Bond of HuffPost, cooking from scratch can be “empowering, therapeutic, social, romantic, and practical.”

In that name, here are 7 amazing things that can happen to you when you ditch all those fast foods and pre-made meals, and start cooking from scratch like a true chef.

1. You Learn How To Shop And Read Ingredients Labels

This is actually much more important than most of us think. When you start cooking from scratch, you learn how to navigate the grocery store, you learn where everything is, and after a while you will know all the aisles like the back of your hand.

Also, reading the ingredients labels becomes more important to you. You will start paying attention to what actually goes into your food, which is crucial for your overall health.

2. The Food Starts To Taste Differently (Hint: Better)

Once you start to prepare your own meals, you will soon start to truly feel ALL the different flavors and ALL the various ingredients you used while you were making the dish.

“There’s also a hidden secret flavor when I cook for myself: pride”, says Johanna Bond.

3. You Start To Perceive Your Body In A Different Way

When you start cooking from scratch, you start to experience the true connection between what you eat and how you feeI after your meal – both physically and mentally.

You are what you eat, indeed!

4. You Finally Understand What Sharing Is Caring Means

You realize it is indeed a huge privilege to share a meal with someone after you’ve made it yourself from scratch.
Nothing feels as rewarding as this.

5. You Get Creative

Once you realize you can put virtually anything in your meals, you start experimenting with ingredients. This doesn’t only feed your tummy – it feeds your creativity as well.

6. You Make New Friends

Once you start to prepare meals from scratch, you begin to connect with others who appreciate healthy home cooking.

“If you are stuck at a party where you know no one and have no small chat left in you, turn to food. Even if your new acquaintance doesn’t cook, I’m willing to bet he or she eats”, says Johanna.

7. You Create The Much Coveted Balance In Your Life

Reaching the inner balance and finding your center are crucial things in your life, and what better way to reach them than through food!

When you start cooking from scratch – you begin “carving out some balance in your life. I’ve become more aware of my food, my body and my time. The kitchen for me has morphed into a safe place of both chaos and respite, a place to recharge both physically and mentally”, convincing is Bond.