5 Delicious Weight Loss Friendly Foods You Should Eat Every Day

January 17, 2019


Somebody wise and well-informed once said “not all calories are created equal”, and we couldn’t agree more. Certain super-foods are simply healthier to eat than others and you need to know which foods exactly are weight-loss friendly, especially if you are looking to shed some pounds before spring comes.

Here we have 5 foods that will help you on your not-so-simple quest toward slimmer body.

Lean Beef

We all need a type of meat that we can eat on a daily basis and lean beef is one of the safest options out there. It is high in protein – the most fulfilling nutrient – which means it actually makes you burn up to 100 more calories daily.

Pretty good deal, you’ll agree.

Whole Eggs

Make sure you introduce whole eggs to your everyday diet, ASAP!

Although eggs have been marginalized for their alleged high cholesterol levels, numerous new studies suggest that these bad boys are actually rather innocent when it comes to this issue.

Whole eggs DON’T adversely affect the levels of blood cholesterol and they DON’T cause heart attacks. Period. In fact, they are one of the best foods you can eat if are on a high protein diet.


Low energy density meals tend to make people eat fewer calories, and what better food for that than soup? Most low energy density foods contain lots of water and soups are simply perfect for this type of diet.


Salmon meat is extremely delicious and it will keep you full for many hours with relatively few calories. This meat provides you with loads of high quality protein and healthy fats, while it is packed with all sorts of important nutrients as well.

It also contains iodine, which is crucial if you want your metabolism optimized.

Leafy Greens

Eat any type of leafy greens on a daily basis and watch those pounds melt. Kale, spinach, collards, Swiss chards… you name it – they all have certain properties that make them perfect for a weight loss diet.

They are low in both calories and carbohydrates, but loaded with fiber. A perfect combo!