3 Simple And Healthy Ways To Use Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

November 1, 2019


Ok, Halloween is behind us and you probably have loads of leftover pumpkins you are about to throw away.

Well, don’t!

We have 3 simple and healthy ways to use up your orange sweetness once the festivities are over.

1. Pumpkin Puree

The insides of a pumpkin are not to be discarded. You can make pumpkin puree and add it to multiple dishes:

  • Baked meat
  • Baked veggies
  • Morning yogurt…

To make this delicious puree you need to:

  • steam it until it’s tender (approximately 45 minutes).
  • let your pumpkin pulp cool a bit
  • mash with a potato masher or food processor

You can even freeze the pulp you don’t use and add it to your meals later.

2. Roast Seeds

Ok, this is an easy one. You can make roasted pumpkin seeds quickly and use them as:

  • a trail mix addition
  • sprinkle on salads
  • or you can just eat them separately as a snack

To roast pumpkin seeds:

  • rinse the stringy pulp from the seeds
  • dry them using a paper towel
  • season to taste

3. Compost The Rest

If your pumpkin is too old to opt for the previous 2 suggestions, it’s perhaps time to get rid of it. If you’ve got a compost pile in your backyard, the leftover pumpkin will make a nice compost for your garden.

Quick, healthy, and easy indeed!