15 Superfoods For A Quick Weight Loss (Jonah Hill Likes This) – Pt. 2

October 17, 2019


Believe it or not, but superfoods are all around us.

Many thing fall into this category of produce, but only some of them can make even Hollywood actors say “This is a perfect way to shed some pounds!”

So, last time we covered the first part of the top 15 superfoods that make weight loss feel like a breeze. Without further ado, here’s the second and final part of our list.

9. Grapefruit

Once again, we’re at the topic of fruit. While many (if not all fruits) are definitely good for you, there are only a few that can be classified as superfoods.

Another superfruit on our list is the grapefruit. This thing can actually be eaten before a meal in order to satiate your hunger, or during breakfast or lunch in the goal of lowering your insulin, and therefore making you store less fat.

10. Almonds

It’s time to get nutty, folks!

Almonds are just one nut variation that fall under the superfoods group, but they are by far the most efficient when it comes to shedding pounds.

This food can help you lose weight since it’s very low-caloric, while being rich in:

  • Healthy fats
  • Carbs
  • Protein

11. Wine

Experts often say that we shouldn’t consume alcohol if we want to achieve weight loss. However, they won’t tell you that wine is actually good if this is your goal.

Wine actually contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that will:

  • Stop your fat storage
  • Make your waist narrow
  • Make you lose belly fat

12. Dark Chocolate

Don’t get us wrong – we all like our chocolate as sweet as possible. But when it comes to losing weight, dark chocolate is the way to go.

This extra-coco variation of everyone’s favorite sweet is full of monounsaturated fats, which are excellent for weight loss. And let’s not forget that it’s candy after all, so it might help you drown those nasty cravings.

13. Green Tea

Here’s yet another beverage that makes our list!

Since humans are about 70% made out of water, tea makes a perfect solution for all of you who like to hydrate during the day and lose weight while at it.

Greed tea, in this case, helps you drop pounds via antioxidants which help you burn fat and calories.

14. Kidney Beans

Similarly to black beans, a single serving of this kidney-shaped food will provide you with enough protein and fiber to last a day!

Also, they are full of resistant starch, and we all know that’s something you’ll need if you want to lose pounds.

15. Lentils

Not many of us can say that we eat lentils regularly, but after you read this, you’ll surely be adding them to your diet!

Lentils are actually a great way to burn fat and speed up the metabolism, since they’re packed with:

  • Satiating protein
  • Valuable fiber
  • Resistant starch