15 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Eating On A Date

June 22, 2019


It’s easy to get confused while on a date, especially if you really like someone. The whole thing can get pretty nerve-wrecking and it’s no wonder when you order the first thing that comes to your mind while on a dinner date.

However, there’s no need for panic because we’ve got you covered! Just store these 15 foods you shouldn’t be eating on a date somewhere in your mind and you’re good to go. Some foods are on this list for “aroma and smell reasons” (if you get what we mean), while some are here for more functional reasons. Anyway, it’s safe to say you should just avoid all of them while you’re trying to win someone’s heart (and mouth, preferably).

1. Spaghetti

So, ok, this isn’t really a food item per say, it’s a whole meal. However, it still counts since no one really orders just the meat or sauce from a spaghetti dish as an individual meal.

Ergo, the chances are, you are more prone to ordering this Italian specialty.

Spaghetti is one of the classic first date “don’t eat” foods. The pasta is a pretty safe bet, however, the meat and sauce can be quite the challenge for elegant, adult-like eating rituals.

Unless your date really enjoys watching a messy sauce-face across the table, we do not recommend this all-time favorite dish for an out-in-the-world date. If you’re really in the mood for pasta, just order a way less messy option.


2. Hamburger

When you think of first-date appropriate food, hamburgers shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to your mind, not by a long shot. Why? Well, just imagine a hamburger in all its full size and glory. Huge, right?

Well, how would you like it if your date was shoving his or her face with a big, greasy hamburger, with all of its condiments dripping out of it?

Hamburgers are way bigger than your mouth and there’s no elegant way of eating them. There’s also the case of stains, stains everywhere!

Unless you want to give your outfit some charm and dazzle it up with some colorful stains which Picasso himself would envy, we highly do not recommend ordering hamburgers on a date.


3. Corn On The Cob

Who doesn’t like a great, succulent corn on the cob? However, this amazing summer snack should be reserved for everything but a first date! It’s more of a long-term relationship meal if you know what we mean.

Corn is amazingly tasty, but it’s also a devilish little food that just loves to get stuck between your teeth. So, unless your date has a thing for a significant other with Beetlejuice-looking teeth, we really don’t advice eating corn on the cob on a date.

Then again, if you really feel like eating corn, you should order sliced corn, and if that gets between your teeth as well, you’re just a lost case and we really can’t help you.


4. Beans

If you don’t realize why you shouldn’t eat beans on a date, you’ve probably been living under a rock, sheltered from every social occasion in the world. They don’t call beans “the music fruit,” you know. And yes, beans are a fruit. You learn something new every day, don’t you?

The more beans you eat you are prone to let out gas more, and therefore manage to singlehandedly suffocate your date without even putting your hands on his or her neck.

Beans are another food that should be eaten in pairs when you’re in a long-term relationship. Remember, dates are designed to get you full of excitement and possibly love, not gas. Gassy is not classy, by any beans, ugh, means.


5. French Fries

We suppose this one is a surprise for you, but don’t worry, things will get much clearer in a few moments. French fries have a very high glycaemic index, meaning that they release their energy very quickly into the human system.

While we nibble on this delicious potato snack, we feel great. However, as soon as you’re done, and the French fries start doing their thing in our stomachs, we start feeling really low. It’s almost like you were suddenly slapped by a hand of tiredness and sleepiness.

Also, you don’t really know what kind of oil the restaurant uses. If it’s bad quality oil, you may end up with bad indigestion, and that is surely not a good way to end your date.


6. Ribs

Let’s get one thing straight – ribs are delicious and look really good on a plate in front of you! However, what’s not so appealing at a first glance is you with barbecue sauce all over your face and clothes.

There also isn’t a very elegant way of eating them and we all know we try to put on our best face on date. We somehow doubt that your best face involves a display of your whole dish on it. Therefore, do not order ribs on a date under any circumstances.

If you feel like you could go for some meat, order something less intrusive, like a filet mignon.


7. Fried Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are one of the biggest joys in our beautiful world, however, you might not feel so joyful when you’re trying to talk with your date and eat the sticks in a way that doesn’t involve you looking like a slob.

Fried mozzarella sticks are really difficult to eat and they shouldn’t be eaten alone. So, if you’re date is in the mood for a nice platter of fried mozzarella, by all means go for it.

If not, however, don’t try to indulge yourself just so you could realize that perhaps talking with a mouth full of cheese isn’t the best way to show your date just how awesome you are.


8. Pesto

Pesto is an amazing (and bets of all, quick and easy) way to make any unflavored meal explode with tasty deliciousness, however, it’s not something you want to indulge on in a date.

Why? Well, a date usually involves another person in your proximity, who will most likely be able to see all of the little food pieces between your teeth. And let’s not get started on the smell!

There’s no way someone will find the smell of pesto coming from another person’s mouth as a tool of master seduction.

You might as well brush your teeth with toothpaste made out of tuna and garlic. And that brings us to our next contender in the first date “no-no” food list.


9. Tuna

Do you smell something fishy? If not, we bet your date does. Tuna is healthy and delicious to some, while it’s really disgusting to other people. One thing everyone agrees on is that it smells.

The whole fish is basically just a being full of odor. And that’s not attractive.

No one wants to control their vomit urges on a date and they shouldn’t, because you’re not supposed to eat anything remotely smelly while you’re trying to impress your potential significant other. You know they say significant other, not odor.

There are many fish in the sea, so order one that won’t make you un-kissable.


10. Garlic Bread

Here’s another no brainer but an all-time favorite all-smeller. Garlic shouldn’t be on your plate while you’re on a date, not even in the popular form of garlic bread.

This delicious but smelly bread is the number one kiss-killer around the world.

There’s no way you’ll end up in a relationship by the end of the night if you order garlic bread. This food leaves an aftertaste in your mouth, and we don’t even have to say that you’ll smell of it for two days.

However, if you’re date is in the mood to participate in eating this tasty odor-filled treat, we say you should go for it. The couples who smell together- stick together.


11. Spinach

Spinach, a friend to your body and an enemy to your smile, ergo – is an enemy to your date.

Who would in their right mind find green pieces of spinach residue between teeth attractive? Come on, face it, you wouldn’t want to get a green kiss either.

There are a bunch of teeth-friendly vegetables in the world, and don’t limit yourself to this enemy of kissing.

The last thing you want to hear on a date, while you’re charming your date and giving them your best flirty smile, is “You have something between your teeth.” Might as well call for the check just then and there.


12. Spicy Foods

Spicy food is one of the reasons why learning other people’s cultures is of most importance.

Who doesn’t love spicy food? Well, your date might not like it, you know (or vice versa). Also, although your mouth likes it, your body might not.

Not everyone is made for eating spice-packed foods. Some humans have a tendency to sweat because of it, while others may even have to go to the bathroom a few too many times.

Just because your date is hot doesn’t mean your plate should be too. Decide on something less invasive and complex if you’re not into spicy food.


13. Soups

This is not under any means a smart call. Ordering soup on a date is reserved for people who managed to master the talent of eating them in a most elegant and polite manner.

If you’re not sure if you managed to do just that over the course of your life – the chances are you probably haven’t. Slurping sounds are not something that would qualify as an attractive sound and the whole process of eating soup is pretty funny, when you think about it.

Unless you want to friendzone your date, we advice skipping these lovely meals. Skip the soup choice if you like your date and you don’t want to be disappointed by the end of the night.


14. Big Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolls are an OK choice if they’re of a smaller size. However, if the restaurant serves only huge sushi rolls, we recommend you order something else. Why?

Well, let’s just say that shoving a roll that is way bigger than your mouth isn’t a very pleasantly attractive sight to see. Nor is it very appetizing.

Then again, there’s no way of talking with a mouth full of sushi, not even those “polite-enough small talks while eating” conversations.

If you want to keep your dignity, and your date interested in you, opt for something else. You can both stuff your faces with gigantic sushi rolls after a few months, and call it romance.


15. Salad

Although a lot of people view salad as a dinner date safe bet, it really isn’t when you give it some thought.

Unless you’re in the mood for salad and you really like eating it, you shouldn’t really order it while on a date.

Trying to impress someone with your healthy eating habits (that don’t really exist) by nibbling on something that is obviously not your cup of tea isn’t the greatest choice.

If you decide to be in a relationship, and you start spending a lot of time together, your date will notice in time that salad isn’t really in your diet regime. And it should be, sure, but lying shouldn’t. It’s just really lame.