Lose Weight and Still Have Dinner

January 6, 2019

You may think that losing weight will require major changes to your lifestyle, but that is not necessarily the case. Making a few simple changes to how you cook and prepare your meals can make a huge difference and cut those calorie counts substantially. Just use these simple tips to get started toward your weight loss goal.

1. Swap that fatty ground beef for lower fat ground chicken and turkey

Chicken and Turkey

You can replace ground beef in just about any of your recipes. Replacing that fatty ground beef with healthier ground chicken and turkey can reduce the calorie count in your favorite dishes and help you lose weight more quickly.

2. Replace your dairy products with lower fat versions

Low Fat Diary Products

Stop buying full fat milk and purchase non-fat or reduced fat milk instead. Replace the ice cream you usually enjoy for dessert with non-fat frozen yogurt or a light berry sorbet. These simple substitutions can help you lose weight and enjoy better health.

3. Remove the skin from chicken and turkey


Cooking your favorite poultry with the skin on is a great way to seal in the flavor, but that does not mean the skin has to be part of your meal. Removing the skin from chicken and turkey can greatly reduce the fat content and the number of calories.

4. Enjoy a vegetarian meal once a week

Vegeterin meal

Enjoying a meatless meal just once a week can reduce your intake of fat and calories significantly. Meatless meals can be just as delicious and nutritious as the ones you are used to, and learning to prepare vegetarian meals is a great way to change your eating habits for the long haul.

5. Swap out that red meat for delicious fish


Seafood can be part of any healthy diet, so feel free to prepare your favorite fish a couple times a week. Fish is good for you, and it is lower in fat and calories that all but the leanest red meats.

6. Avoid those heavy sauces and let the flavor shine through

Tartar sauce and lemon

Swapping out that heavy sauces for lighter fare is one of the best ways to trim calories and change the way you eat. Simply forgoing the tartar sauce and sprinkling on the lemon juice can make your favorite fish tastier and more nutritious.

7. Make the salad the star


Try making your salad more than a side dish once or twice a week. Pile on your favorite veggies, choose a healthy dressing and let those greens be the star of the show.

9. Swap marinara sauce for light butter and parmesan cheese


Pasta can be a great choice for dieters, but what you put on it can make all the difference. Replace that heavy marinara sauce with a sprinkle of butter and parmesan cheese for a lighter and healthier pasta dish.

10. Replace your regular pasta with whole wheat pasta


Speaking of pasta, the type you choose can make a big difference. Ditch pastas made with bleached flour and choose whole wheat versions instead. You can enjoy a healthier and more delicious meal.