Top 10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat After the Age Of 30


As we age our diet needs to be adjusted to meet the ever-changing needs of our body and ensure good health. Once we turn 30 it can be difficult to give up on some of the old unhealthy habits but the truth is this is the perfect time to turn things around and start eating foods that are good for us once and for all. Today, we review some of the foods that should definitely be either eliminated or decreased in a diet of anyone who is older than 30 years of age.

1. Fruit Yogurt

Choosing your foods past the age of 30 is tricky because 30 is still definitely young and yet collagen production slows down and certain ingredients need to be eliminated or reduced in your diet to slow down the aging process.

One such ingredient is certainly sugar, as it increases the appearance of fine lines on your face more than some other nutrients that you encounter on a daily basis.

Eliminating candy, fruit juice, ice cream and other obvious culprits is easy, but what about those foods whose sugar content isn’t so apparent?

The trick is to focus on cutting back on those foods that contain hidden sugar, one such food definitely being fruit or flavoured yogurt.

Flavoured yogurt by DANONE contains 24g of sugar per package, which is basically your recommended daily dose, and if you get all of your sugar from one tiny source there is no room left for sugar that’s not refined and comes from, for instance, fruit.

So the best thing to do is to go easy on flavoured yogurt and other foods that contain added flavour because that usually means hidden fat and/or sugar, something you definitely want to eliminate after your 30th birthday.

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