15 Foods That Are Secretly Wrecking Your Diet

Dried Fruits

1. Dried Fruit Mixtures or Trail Mix

A bag full of fruit and nuts will definitely give you an energy boost, and trail mix is a highly convenient snack due to its portability.

Further, with all the nutrients and protein included in a bag of trail mix, a modest portion is certainly a good addition to the average person’s diet.

However, if you’re watching your weight, you should be careful with bags of trail mix and dried fruit.

Although they are healthy and low-calorie in concept, these bags usually contain an unexpectedly large amount of sugar.

In addition, the large amount of nuts found in trail mix can lead to ingesting more than the ideal amount of fat. While the fat in nuts is a healthy kind that promotes heart health, it can spell trouble for your waistline if you’re trying to drop a few sizes.

To reduce your calorie intake, look out for mixtures that aren’t coated in dried sugar or that don’t contain any chunks of milk chocolate and eat small portions.

You can also consider making your own trail mix with nuts and berries that are particularly healthy (such as cranberries and macadamia nuts). Sunflower or pumpkin seeds can also make a nice addition.

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