15 Foods That Burn More Calories Than They Contain


When it comes to losing weight it can be next to impossible to find snack foods that can help keep you on track. There are a few miracle foods however that are purported to be negative in calories.

These foods essentially contain more water than they do calories and require more calories to utilize them than they hold. Thus, making these foods essentially calorie free.

1. Celery

About 75% of a celery stick is actually water; the other 25% is fiber and other roughage.

As a result of the fact that this tasty vegetable is so full of water, it provides you with far fewer calories than it will take for your body to digest the snack.

In addition to burning more calories than it contains, celery is an excellent source of fiber that can help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing the urge to snack.

The health benefits of celery don’t end at weight loss. Celery is full of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K.

Further, celery has anti-oxidant properties that may be able to improve cardiovascular health, reducing your chances of developing hardened arteries (and related heart problems like heart attacks and cardiovascular disease).

As a bonus, the fiber content promotes regular bowel movements as well as boosting digestive health more generally. There is even some evidence suggesting that a diet high in celery can improve the appearance of your skin.

You can enjoy celery sticks on their own, or try lightly seasoning them with salt. You can also dip celery in hot sauce to make a spicy snack, or chop it up for a salad.

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  • James McInnis

    I always tie up my celery with twine.

  • Unknown

    Please be careful of warnings with prescription drugs and grapefruit!!
    And always tie up celery with twine ;0)

    • mscognizance

      Earl Grey tea is flavored with an oil from a type of orange which contains the same substance that grapefruit does. Some soft drinks are also flavored with it. This substance interferes with many prescription medications. I love Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea; I noticed there is no warning on the box though. I don’t know how much one has to drink to cause a problem, but I did read a post by a man who found his tea was causing a problem with his medication.

  • satinswan

    Re: Yogurt: Fat free yogurt isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For instance, if you’re adding it to fruit for breakfast, there are a good number of fat soluble vitamins and minerals that your body will not be able to make use of from that meal. A better option is yogurt made from 1% or 2% milk – it’s still lower in calories than the full-fat version, but the fat in it will help with absorbing those valuable micro-nutrients. Additionally, the body needs some fat to function, and the fat in cow/goat/other animal milks is a healthy form of fat in moderation.

    • Sam

      Actually, animal fat is good for you. In spite of all the propaganda we hear from the medical community, saturated fat does *not* cause heart disease. (Remember how they told us for 70 years that margarine was better than butter, and then they went, “Oops!!!!” 😉 ) Our ancestors knew nothing about low-fat diets and ate lots of saturated fat for thousands of years. And the reason we’re living longer today isn’t because of our diets–it’s because of better sanitation and health care, the elimination of famines, and the eradication of infectious diseases. Back then, things like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes (which are due largely to our unhealthy modern diets) were almost unheard of

      Anyway, in light of all this, the best yogurt for you is full-fat, assuming that it’s organic or comes from a local farm that allows its animals to graze and feeds them minimal grain, if any. Similarly, the best meat has plenty of fat as well, assuming it’s also raised in this manner.

      • mscognizance

        That vitamin D enriched non-fat milk is a joke. Without fat, the body cannot utilize the fat soluble vitamin D. One has to eat something fatty with the non-fat milk; so, what’s the point, right?

  • ezraa

    great article and always tie celery with jute.(fruit torcher)

  • Pedro Alves

    We need fat! If it says, diet, low-fat, light, TRASH IT!

  • pic man

    Excuse me, but doesn’t this invalidate the laws of science?