12 Healthy Drinks That Will Make You Feel Better


Drinking the right types of healthy drinks will help you feel better and avoid the crash after consuming sugary or highly caffeinated beverages.Every day we consume a variety of different drinks, but many do not contribute to our overall health or even make us feel better.

Surprisingly, some of them can even be harmful to our health over the long-term. The following drinks are some of the healthiest options you should be including in your daily diet that will almost certainly make you feel good after a long hard day.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is great for the memory and keeping the mind sharp. This is because it contains a very small amount of caffeine which is wonderful for helping you wake up in the morning.

The level of caffeine is far less than that found in coffee, so you can enjoy the benefits without the inevitable crash that comes after drinking a coffee.

Green Tea contains L-theanine which has been found to induce a calming effect on the mind by releasing dopamine, the body’s feel-good chemical.

It is also packed with lots of antioxidants such as flavonoids and catechins which find and destroy free radicals within the body.

Free radicals cause a number of health problems including diseases such as cancer. It can also be very useful when you have stomach problems.

Enjoy your Cup of Tea Like a Royal!

Green tea is very efficient in preventing cavities, lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of various sorts of cancer and other potentially life-threatening medical conditions. Green tea can also aid those who are attempting to lose weight.

Several studies have shown that regularly drinking green tea can improve your metabolic rate and help the body to burn off fat cells much more quickly. There are no known side effects of green tea, but pregnant and nursing women should drink it in moderation as it does contain caffeine.

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